Delivering Mental Health Care
Through Telemedicine

What is Telemedicine?

“Telemedicine is the ability to provide interactive healthcare utilizing modern technology and telecommunications.”

Basically, Telemedicine allows patients to visit with physicians live over video through the internet for immediate care .

– The use of remote communication with patients began during the Vietnam war

– Slowly over time, its utility was recognized by the medical community, as well as government and private insurers alike

– Provides ready access to rural and other at risk individuals

– Is cost effective

– True telemedicine has evolved from telephone contact to  direct audio/visual  interface between  health care professionals and patients.

– Growth of the internet, its speed and quality  made this  possible

– Today the number of services offered, as well as large and small providers using telemedicine, is rapidly expanding

– Fueled by need for access, reduced professional availability for personal visits and payer recognition of value

The use of telepsych to provide psychotropic drug management and psychological therapy is gaining recognition  in nursing homes, correctional facilities and rural clinics,  to name a few markets

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the simple and affordable way to give patients access to mental health care providers – especially in underserved or rural locations. The service utilizes modern day technology to help streamline diagnostic evaluations and design custom treatment plans personalized according to each patient’s needs. It can be described as any patient-provider interaction that does not occur in the same room. Here at Brighter Day Health, that means working with patients via video conferencing – a technology that was not possible in previous years.

Telehealth is supported by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), as well as the American Psychological Association (APA). Currently, CMS provides third-party reimbursement for qualified telehealth services, and the APA has recognized the benefits of these services for people in skilled nursing facilities who are unable to visit a provider in person due to physical or location-related limitations.

Telehealth for Mental Health Care

Here at Brighter Day Health , we specialize in bringing psychological and psychiatric care to patients in skilled nursing facilities. We believe there is always room to improve upon existing standards of care in these settings. We have made it our goal to both reduce the number of psychotropic medications administered in these facilities while improving behavioral health and long term patient outcomes.

Telehealth services require little more than your facility’s Internet connection and a web camera. Patients will be face-to-face with a provider, receiving the same level of care they would in an office setting. The process is streamlined, HIPAA compliant, and easy for administrators and direct care providers to learn and facilitate.

Telehealth for mental health care is no longer a luxury service; it is quickly becoming the norm. Between 2000 and 2008 alone, the APA reports that videoconferencing between providers and patients increased from 2 to 10 percent. With better technology and increased demand, telehealth is expected to grow far more popular in the future as providers discover its cost efficiency, ease of use and behavioral health benefits.

Contact our office for more information about implementing telehealth psychology and psychiatry at your skilled nursing facility.


Psychotropic Medication Reduction
Reduction in
Overhead Costs
Access to Local Mental Health Specialists
Person Centered
Care Plan