Delivering Mental Health Care
Through Telemedicine

Staff Education

At Brighter Day Health , we go above and beyond to evaluate and treat our patients, but we know in-house nurses and staff are the ones in constant contact with residents. They play a pivotal role in facilitating treatment plans and maximizing patient outcomes. That is why we offer staff education services designed to help workers adapt to and integrate our telehealth services as easily as possible.

According to the American Health Care Association, more than 3 in 5 workers at skilled nursing facilities are nurses or CNAs associated with the direct care of patients. Unfortunately, employee turnover is also highest among this group, complicating each facility’s efforts at retaining workers and improving performance. The AHCA reports that nursing homes and other skilled nursing providers report greater employee retention and overall performance when staff members feel well-equipped and trained to carry out their jobs.

On-Site Training

Brighter Day Health is committed not only to patients, but also to providers. We will provide thorough instruction and training on the use of telehealth equipment in a skilled nursing setting. When given proper instruction, we have found great success in introducing this type of technology to new facilities. Furthermore, streamlined documentation helps ensure our clients remain in compliance with state and federal health regulations.

We are available to answer questions and discuss staff practices as necessary and upon request. Whether your skilled nursing employees need clarification on treatment regimens or new staff members need to be introduced to telehealth services, we are available to your facility personnel whenever you need us. Call us today for more information. We look forward to serving you soon.

Psychotropic Medication Reduction
Reduction in
Overhead Costs
Access to Local Mental Health Specialists
Person Centered
Care Plan