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Mental health
Mental health may be thought of as successful mental functioning that results in productive activities, fulfilling relationships with other people and the ability to adapt to change and to cope with challenging situations. It is basic to thinking and communication skills, learning, emotional growth, resilience and a sense of self-worth. Mental health is important for individual, family and community health, well-being and productivity.

Telehealth Psychiatric and Psychological Services

At Brighter Day Health, we are proud to offer a comprehensive telehealth program that meets the many unique needs of our patients. Our program is person-centered and may include one or more of the following services:

The multidisciplinary team model contributes a range of resources and skills that result in optimal treatment. For example, a geriatric psychiatrist conducts a comprehensive evaluation and makes specific recommendations for optimal treatment with medications. Concurrently, a psychologist recommends behavioral programs in the management of problem behaviors. This team approach can also be an efficient way to use different types of skills in identifying and evaluating specific problems.

– Our team administers thorough psychological and cognitive evaluations that assist in treatment planning and confirm or clarify existing diagnoses.

– We provide medication reconciliation and management services for psychiatric patients with the goal of medication reduction when possible.

– We also provide intensive psychotherapy services, including individual and family therapy when appropriate.

– We are committed to our patients’ well-being and welcome patient comments as well as feedback concerning our performance, medications prescribed and any overall concerns. 

– We encourage our involvement in interdisciplinary care meetings to review and consolidate provider notes and treatment plans with the goal of improving the patient experience and maximizing quality of care. Upon request, Brighter Day Health is also available to assist our clients with psychiatric and behavioral health emergencies.


Our psychiatric telehealth program protocols were developed by a board certified psychiatrist. We visit with patients frequently, allowing us to provide care that is proactive rather than reactive. Not only does this help improve long-term outcomes, but it also helps to reduce hospital readmissions and improve quality of life. In fact, research has shown that regular psychotherapy lowers the chance of psychiatric hospitalization by significant margins.

Medication management is a key part of our psychiatric program. Our intensive evaluations help improve patient access to essential medications, while eliminating those that may be unnecessary. Our program was specifically designed to reduce the number of psychotropic drugs residents are taking whenever possible. In addition to medication management, our psychiatric health services integrate talk therapy that supports individual treatment plans and needs.


At Brighter Day Health, our telehealth psychologists and therapists are trained to provide cognitive behavioral assessments and care for patients and their families with the goal of optimizing functional ability and improving quality of life for people who otherwise suffer with disabling chronic disease and mental illness. We work with interdisciplinary teams and provide psychiatric referrals when medically necessary. In fact, research supports combined psychotherapy and medication are superior treatments than either treatment alone.

Our team consists of licensed psychologists, licensed professional counselors, post-doctoral residents and licensed clinical social workers. They work together to provide individual and family therapy with an emphasis on geriatric needs. Patients who undergo psychological telehealth services may experience:

Psychological/Cognitive Evaluations

Brighter Day Health administers psychological/cognitive evaluations in person in your facility, face to face with the patient, to clarify diagnoses and assist with treatment planning.

Compliance and Education

We know the homes we work with are required to adhere to strict state and federal psychiatric health regulations. Brighter Day Health helps you remain in compliance, with documented visits and evaluations that support the need for psychotropic prescriptions in patients who take them. We also work directly with facility personnel and interdisciplinary teams to provide behavioral health care education and establish a managed care plan for each patient.

Behavioral health reviews are available for facility staff members, such as the administrator, medical director and social service director throughout the year. Our clinical staff, including our Chief Medical Officer and/or our Compliance Officer, will be available to discuss the service with any primary care/attending physicians who would like to learn more first hand.

Should the need arise we are available to speak to your state surveyors should any issues arise during their visits.

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