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Professional Job Opportunities Available

Part and Full Time Jobs Available:

Board Certified Psychiatrists

Licensed Psychologists

Physician Assistant

Psychiatry Nurse Practitioner

If you, or someone you know, are interested in joining our team of professionals, please contact 713-481-6839


Field Liaison Positions Available –
If you, or someone you know, are interested in joining our team of liaisons, please contact 713-409-6132


Sales and Marketing positions available –
If you, or someone you know, are interested in joining our sales and marketing team, please contact 713-554-0822

Staff Positions Available in:

Billing & Collections


General Administration

If you, or someone you know, are interested in joining our team, please contact:




Employees’ Testimonials

“My experiences with BDH so far have been truly life changing. Working in the mental health care field has completely changed my mind on how quick your life can change! Watching patients grow and find meaning in their life once again makes me feel like we are a part of a miracle. What I love about my job is being able to go to these small towns and help provide services that they normally would not get or would have to wait months to get. Love being able to be a part of the goals they set, as well as the care they receive. Working in psychology has been one of the most rewarding, positive things I have experienced. I have seen patients go from not wanting to have a life to setting goals to make their life the best it can be once again. Watching the power of words change people’s mind is truly mind blowing. Brighter Day Health services have impacted the sites we work with by helping them see the real sides of mental health and how they can approach their residents and help give them the best of care. When my family and friends ask me what it is that we do at Brighter Day Health, I explain to them that we are a tele-medicine company that offer mental health services over a laptop so residents are able to get the best care for their mental health.”

– Chelsea Griglione, Liaison BDH

“When I first started with Brighter Day Health in February of 2014 I had no idea what telehealth was and it was amazing to learn all about it firsthand. It makes it so much easier for patients to open up to the providers and ask questions that they probably never would have if they were being seen face to face because the patient feels more in control over the session. As a Liaison with BDH I love being able to go in every week and see how much progress our patients make and to know that I helped in some way to make that patients life better. That is what I really love about my job. I have seen patients who have been so down because they didn’t want to be in a nursing home finally start to interact with other residents because of our help.  Whenever I have family and friends ask me what I do exactly its an easy answer, I help the provider make a difference in these patients lives by making sure he has all the information he needs to do so.”

– Rachel Burker, Liaison BDH

“I am able to see the changes with patients I work with. They are so happy when they are able to talk to someone that understands them and what they are going through.

– Breanne Luhring, Liaison BDH

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