Delivering Mental Health Care
Through Telemedicine


What is telemedicine?

Our professionals communicate with your residents about their mental health conditions through secure, live video conferencing with an internet connection and a computer.

How effective is providing mental health care
via telepsych?

Research has indicated that it is as effective as in-person care.

What kind of medical professionals do you use?

Board-Certified Psychiatrists, Physician Assistants, Mental Health Nurse Practitioners, Doctorate-level Psychologists and Licensed Clinical Social Workers. All are credentialed. 

What do telepsych providers do?

Offer a full range of services including assessments, screenings, diagnoses, medication management and psychotherapy. 

How often will providers be available to residents?

Our weekly/bi-weekly visits expedite assessment, diagnosis and treatment to manage issues before they become emergencies.

How is medical information protected?

We are HIPAA compliant and use a fully secure, encrypted computer network.

Does the facility have to pay a fee for this service?


Does Medicare pay for your services?

In most cases Medicare reimburses BDH

How much of our staff time is devoted?

Our liaisons run the clinic process, taking the workload off you.

Does BDH always prescribe medication?

No. Medication will be recommended or prescribed only if the psychiatrist believes it is clinically appropriate. Our goal is to REDUCE drugs when clinically appropriate. 

How is continuity of care ensured?

We provide a record of each visit so the recommendations and prescriptions can be shared with the appropriate facility medical staff.

Psychotropic Medication Reduction
Reduction in
Overhead Costs
Access to Local Mental Health Specialists
Person Centered
Care Plan