Delivering Mental Health Care
Through Telemedicine



To provide empirically based cognitive-behavioral assessment and care to patients, residents, and their families in order to maximize functional capacity and a meaningful quality of life in persons suffering from disabling chronic disease.

Clinical Objectives

upset woman 340 x 226Provide medically necessary cognitive-behavioral assessment and interventions to help patients and residents adjust to chronic and debilitating illnesses (medical and psychiatric) that require long-term acute, skilled nursing care, and/or long-term residential care.

Provide medically necessary neuropsychological assessment that will determine a patient’s level of dementia and cognitive functioning.

Provide medically necessary cognitive-behavioral and environmental interventions that manage dysfunctional behavioral reactions to medical and cognitive decline.

To provide psychiatric referrals as medically necessary in order to enhance quality of life and cognitive functioning.

To provide a Team of Psychological Therapists at each LTC who are available to enhance the quality of life of, while maintaining a productive interdisciplinary system of service.

Psychotropic Medication Reduction
Reduction in
Overhead Costs
Access to Local Mental Health Specialists
Person Centered
Care Plan