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The appropriate use of medications is paramount in insuring the safety and well-being of residents in nursing homes. Almost any medication use could potentially be considered inappropriate if used in the wrong way, such as, being prescribed for too long a period of time, for the wrong reason, or in excessive doses. One class of medications that is frequently misused is antipsychotic medications. CMS has announced an initiative to reduce the inappropriate use of antipsychotic medications in nursing homes with their Partnership to Improve Dementia Care. As part of this initiative CMS has also released the Hand in Hand Training series, which has been free of charge to all nursing homes. This fact sheet will highlight different aspects when evaluating antipsychotic use within your facility.

What are antipsychotic medications?

Why is reducing the inappropriate use of antipsychotic medications important?

Are there times when the use of antipsychotics may be appropriate and beneficial?

How can nursing home leaders prevent the unnecessary use of antipsychotics? Various leadership techniques can support and promote care that prevents the unnecessary use ofantipsychotics. Following are a few suggestions based on successful practices.

Increase staff training:

Promote a person-centered culture:

Quality Assurance:

Where can you get more facts about the appropriate use of antipsychotic?

Find information to improve the appropriate use of antipsychotic medications throughout the nursing home at

Psychotropic Medication Reduction
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