Delivering Mental Health Care
Through Telemedicine

How We Help

At Brighter Day Health, we only exist to help those we serve. That includes the patient, as well as the facility. We want to make life easier for residents and provide high-level support to facility staff.

Psychological and Psychiatric Services

We provide psychological and psychiatric services, working with patients directly to improve behavioral problems, reduce symptoms of mood disorders and help them cope with ongoing issues. Our psychologists and psychiatrists also work with facility staff to develop hands-on strategies to improve patient outcomes, as well as safely and gradually reduce antipsychotic medication dosages.

Assessment and Diagnosis

We believe that effective treatment comes from accurate patient evaluations. All of our psychological and cognitive assessments are highly thorough, helping us to make accurate diagnoses and in turn, enable psychiatric providers and primary care physicians to most effectively treat the patient. We continue to mark the progress of our patients with subsequent evaluations, allowing us to measure results and make changes as necessary. The result is improved outcomes achieved with fewer medications.

Education and Consultation

We pride our practice on accessibility, making ourselves available to the facilities we serve as needed. We provide educational instruction and consultation to help nursing homes remain in compliance with state and federal regulations. All of our protocols are steeped in evidence-based best practices of behavioral health in long-term care. Our clinical staff, including the chief medical officer and/or our compliance officer, is available to discuss our services with state reviewers, as well as primary care and attending physicians.

Psychotropic Medication Reduction
Reduction in
Overhead Costs
Access to Local Mental Health Specialists
Person Centered
Care Plan